Getting tiles to render in my canvas!

Today I got into rendering tiles onto the canvas. I also opted to use all of the tiles from the Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup project as they are "public domain" and they provided a nice big single image that includes all the images I could ever need to create the 1.0 of IttyBittyRPG.  At some point in the editor I'll add an option for you to add your own tilesets, but for now it seems like having a fixed tileset can help put some borders around the game and we'll see what level of creativity from developers ensues. 

Anyway, I'm really happy with my progress over just a few days. There are already some bugs like the canvas not rendering on first try, but I'm sure it's just a race condition with the dom and image loading.  Today you can see a sorta ROM loading screen style view where I randomly paint tiles from the single huge spritesheet. I may keep this as a sort of loading screen for the full game, but for now I'm happy I'm able to paint to the canvas. I even have events but you can't really tell right now. When you click the screen the same update is called. I used it for debugging at first.

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Mar 04, 2018

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