ES6 Web Components and an Alpha preview

I am finally getting into a routine of coding, updating,  and learning as I go.  Today I started to focus on getting a working preview of your game after you set up an initial node.  Thinking about how the player will work - whether I should include the js code as one big blob inside the html or have it as remote files. I can do that with the exported ZIP but for the preview, I'm not sure if that would work as easily.  These are fun problems to have. I've also realized that as the code is growing bigger I need to start dividing up the js into modules for easier management. I  started looking at ES6 modules and it's a perfect fit for what I want to do. I'm so freaking happy with Web Technologies. ES6 has brought the web so far that it's amazing what you can do with just vanilla JS. 

Anyway, not sure if you care about that. You just want (all 3 of you) want to see the game editor, and a sample game. I managed to figure out how github serves static websites and I placed an instance of the code up on github pages. 

Here's an alpha of the IttyBittyRPG editor

You can save, load, import, export, add a node, edit the game name, and preview the game. Long click on the octagon node to see a properties 

And a sample game:

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