Lots of progress on properties, favicon, room labels, splash screen and more!

More late night and morning coding gets me so much farther to my goal of an early alpha! Last night and today I got a real bug with the cytoscape worked around (I have to destroy and create the cytoscape object after showing and hiding the properties window otherwise all the events stop working. It feels like a cytoscape bug, but I got it working great.

You can now change the labels on your room nodes via a long press on the node, and changing via the properties window. There was a lot of work to do this! 

I added a favicon for placeholder.

A big change in the splash screen - if you were working on a game before, you don't have to go through "new game" and then load, the splash screen detects if you were working on an existing game and displays a "continue" button so you can jump right back in.

I also got the "import" and "load" buttons  working on the splash screen as well. 

I'm pushing hard to try to get a "game" you can develop via the UI and save out this weekend. I have most of the plumbing working now, and tonight I'm going to try to get a basic "hello world" kinda playable game to export.   🙏🏻

I also updated the public alpha link here https://triptych.github.io/ittybittyrpg/alpha/src/ibrpg.html

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