Almost to game content with tilemap add on

I am surprised by the amount of progress I've made this long weekend, though I know I'm out of time for now. I was able last night to figure out how to add "add-ons" that will allow me to extend the functionality of the tool more easily.  At some point I might move everything to VueJS or something and make it all properly componentized, but right now I just want to get things to work, and not be overwhelmed by the complexity. The first alpha pass was getting too hard to deal with and this time around I've gotten the UI as well as a night separation of modules with ES6 modules. I'm so happy it's all working on both desktop and mobile. (Need to test on more browsers) But for my last update of the Labor Day weekend I have a video showing the beginnings of the tile map editor. The first kind of game you'll be able to make is a simple RPG walking around on tiles and killing monsters. 

You can try out the alpha editor here

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