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A simple way to create classic RPGs for the web · By triptych


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Moving to Godot
After discovering the Godot engine and how powerful it is, as well as it's ability to easily create games and game like components, I've decided to move IttyBit...
Almost to game content with tilemap add on
I am surprised by the amount of progress I've made this long weekend, though I know I'm out of time for now. I was able last night to figure out how to add "add...
Lots of progress on properties, favicon, room labels, splash screen and more!
More late night and morning coding gets me so much farther to my goal of an early alpha! Last night and today I got a real bug with the cytoscape worked around...
Latest playable alpha up
I have a new playable alpha up here You can create projects, add nodes via the "+" and long press...
Getting property windows to work
Getting ducks in a row is always a challenge. It's even harder when you have only a few hours on Saturday morning to do gamedev. Today I focused on the mundane...
Lots of progress
I've been updating Itty Bitty RPG on Youtube and posting on Twitter, but neglecting it's home here on Itch. Here is a recent video of the new UI: I will remem...
ES6 Web Components and an Alpha preview
I am finally getting into a routine of coding, updating, and learning as I go. Today I started to focus on getting a working preview of your game after you se...
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Hi everyone! I know the halls of this building are empty right now. There's no sounds of talking, or signs of occupation...
started by triptych Mar 12, 2018
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