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IttyBittyRPG community

A simple way to create classic RPGs for the web

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Building the editor
It's challenging when you are just getting started. I've spent some time working on the initial interface for the IBRPG editor. It kinda sucks but the pieces a...
Loading and saving part 2
More progress on loading and saving today. I had one more aspect that was bugging me. You could save a zip file, but it would always save it as "download.zip"...
Saving and loading zip files
Tonight's devlog is dedicated to a simple goal: saving a loading a zip file. After about an hour of poking around the JSZip documentation I was able to get a s...
Saving to zip
I've been digging through the web more today and have learned how to easily create ZIP files via javascript, and then how to save them to a file. This will be e...
Getting real
I've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to get the foundation for IttyBittyRPG established. I've settled on using a few external libraries to really spe...
Tonight's update: external level files and level loading
Tonight's update: I am tracking along on my mental list of features to build to have 1) parity with my old Canvas Quest and 2) parity with other game engines to...
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Events and Dialogs!
It's weekend time again and I had an hour or so to cobble together some coding time. Tonight we got a few more cool things that all RPGs need. Events and Dialog...
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Added enemies, with movement!
Tonight I had a few more minutes and I thought the barbarian seemed lonely, so I added enemies, with currently random movement. I factored out the movement an...
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