Getting Denweaver started

I've been trying to get this project started for a very long time. I've been kicking around this idea for years, with too many false starts to even think about. This time, I'm not forcing anything - features, time, deadlines, whatever. I'm using the cultivation method to bring this project into existence. 

What even is this thing?

Right now, it's nothing. Less than a demo. Less than an alpha. It's a set of experiments to see if Godot can do what I want it to do.

What will it be?

If I can pull this off, it will be a new kind of thing. Partially an "app", partially a "game".  You will create a safe space for yourself to be creative, and you show off this creativity by publishing a bunch of static web files. So think something like Neocities meets RPG maker.

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Jun 17, 2023

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